Thursday, 14 July 2011

Our Work Our Lives Conference - Abstracts

Women in precarious or vulnerable work
Karen Douglas, Textile Clothing and Footwear Union of Australia
Dealing with bosses and understanding the rights women workers (should) have
Nadine Levy and Anne Purdy, South Australia Young Workers Legal Service
Young women, small business and sexual harassment in an OHS&W context
Women’s access to their rights and entitlements
Max Adlum, Australian Services Union, South Australia
Campaign for pay equity for care workers

Lynda-ann Blanchard, Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (CPACS), University of Sydney
Masculinisation of Violence and Feminisation of Peace
Danae Bosler, Community and Public Sector Union and Kali Yuan, Human Rights Policy Branch, Attorney-General’s Department
Looking Ahead: Young Working Women Accessing Rights and Entitlements in the Australian Public Service
Rosaria Burchielli, LaTrobe University and Dr Annie Delany, Victoria University and Jane Tate, HomeWorkers, WorldWide UK
Protecting Australian Garment Homework – Combining legislation and an Industry Code
Monica Costa, University of South Australia / Australian National University

Progress thus far: A look into research on gender-responsive budgeting work in Timor-Leste
Janet Giles, Secretary South Australian Unions
“If you could only bottle it” - 5 stories of women’s activism
Paula McDonald, Queensland University of Technology and Michael Flood Wollongong University
Bystander approaches to workplace sexual harassment
Carey Trundle, Fair Work Ombudsman
Regulatory challenges in the enforcement of Australia’s first Paid Parental Leave Scheme
Tanjil Whitnell (Presenter), Susan Bandias, Charles Darwin University and Darius Pfitzner, Charles Darwin University
Smoke and Mirrors: The Illusion of Legal Recognition of the Value of Women in the Workplace

Sohini Baus, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai
Changing the structure of ‘exclusions and inclusion’ of women workers
Justine Davis, Consultant Mediator
There must be a better way - skills for women workers and advocates in mediation and dispute management: An interactive and participatory workshop for anyone who deals with conflict!

Anna Davis and Rachael Uebergang, Northern Territory Working Womens Centre
Feminist Service Provision and Governance: The Perspective of Australian Working Women’s Centres
Progress towards decent work in the Asia Pacific
Sara Charlesworth, University of South Australia
Gender Equality and Decent Work: Does National Context Matter?
Ludo McFerran, Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse
The Challenges of Promoting Domestic Violence Clauses in Industrial Instruments & engaging the Australian Domestic Violence sector with the Pacific region
Suzanne Franzway, University of South Australia
Women and decent work in the Asia Pacific: Agency and empowerment
Jeanie Rea, National Tertiary Education Union
Women Workers in education: How Education Unions in the Region are organising women workers and students
Marilyn Davis, Queensland Working Womens Service
Building sustainable communities through women's workforce participation
Sandra Dann, South Australia Working Women’s Centre
Life Quilt SA Project: Engaging Women in Workplace Issues through participation in arts and crafts
Janette Galton, Northern Territory Office of Women's Policy
Integrating gender equality measures into the Northern Territory Government’s plan for improving the lives of remote Territorians
Rosemary Nugent, Geelong West Neighbourhood House and Rebecca ‘Bec’ Sahr, Deakin University
Community Capacity Building: A fertile ground for change and development

Janine Sims, Northern Territory Council of Social Services and Wendy Morton, Northern Territory Council of Social Services
The Workforce Project Workforce Tool Kit/Indigenous Handbook

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